Sport Physical Therapist


1982 : Bachelor degree in physiotherapy , HIK Antwerp – Belgium.

1983 : Athletic Training, Pittsburgh – USA.

1984 : Sports physiotherapy, Orlando – USA.

1986 : Cardiac physiotherapy, fitness and rehabilitation, Ghent – Belgium.

1988 – 1991 : Osteopathic techniques, Brussels – Belgium.

1991 – 1994 : Soft tissue: techniques and manipulations, Ghent – Belgium.

1995 – 1999 : Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, Brussels – Belgium.

1999 : Lumbar Stability Concept, Ghent – Belgium.

2000 – 2003 : Muscle chains – Belgium.

2004 – 2005 : Course on Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement System Impairment Syndromes, Leuven – Belgium.

2004 – 2005 : Kinetic Control course, Ghent – Belgium.

Employment History

Sports physical therapist of top athletes – Current:

1982 – current: Consulting, Management and Prevention of sports injuries within Athletes Care Consulting, Antwerp Belgium.

2002 – current : Independent consultant on cold, heat and compression therapy. Developed a customized care approach and started up a collaboration with high level football clubs as Manchester United FC, PSV Eindhoven and The Danish National Football Team.  Presented ‘Cold, heat and compression therapy in acute muscle injury care, a perfect match ?’ ESSKA conference, Oslo – Norway, June 2010.

2011 – current : Independent consultant for Keiser Company – ‘The Power in Human Performance’ – to support the Keiser rehab department.  Started a research project in collaboration with the ‘Bergman Clinic and Medicort Sport Physical Therapy – Naarden, NL: Early integration of ‘power’ in the rehab protocol after ACL and TKA surgery.

2016 – current : Independent consultant for Chinese Olympic Committee preparing and supporting Olympic Games in Rio Brazil.

2016 – current : Development of PolarFit® Care concept; a unique, safe and only customized whole body cryotherapy concept on the market. A joint development between Air Products and ProCcare.

Sports physical therapist of top athletes – History:

2007 – 2009 : Personal coaching of the Sugar Jackson team.

1990 – 2009 : Coordinator and rehabilitation expert for Racing Basket Antwerp, a professional basketball team in Belgium

1999 – 2004 : Rehabilitation expert and in charge of the paramedical department for Spirou Charleroi Basketball Team (Belgian and Euro League).

1996 – 1999 : Sports physical therapist for the Belgian Fed Cup team.

1990 – 1992 : Sports physical therapist for the Antwerp Volleyball team (honorary division – Belgium).

1982 – 1989 : Sports physical therapist for the Opel Merksem Basketball Team (Belgium’s National First division).

1982 – 1997 : Coordinator and head of the sports physiotherapy  department for the ECC tennis tournament, Antwerp – Belgium.

In top-class sports management structures – Current:
1982 – current : Founder and Chairman of Athlete’s Care Antwerp (BE), a center for sports medicine advice and sports medical examinations (the first center for sports medical examinations in Antwerp to be officially recognized by the Ministry of the Flemish Community and duly subsidized to support top class sports in Flanders) – working from this center, many years’ experience supporting tennis, basketball, taekwondo, ju-jitsu, judo and football. 2002 – 2012 : Independent consultant at the top sport department of Bloso (BAT), the Flemish sports agency – Paramedical support, giving advice and expertise to Top sports schools (sports injury treatment and prevention).  Founded a workgroup with high level sports physical therapist with great expertise in top sport (BAT ES). 2002 – current : Coordinator of the sports medicine team at the ‘Antwerp Diamond Games’ tennis tournament, Belgium.
In top-class sports management structures – History:
2004 – 2008 : Coordinator of the sports medicine team for the ‘Stars Hasselt’ Tennis tournament, Hasselt – Belgium. 2002 – 2004 : Head of the sports medicine team for the Belgian National Team – Ladies Seniors (cooperation agreement between the federation and the Belgian Olympic Committee) and responsible for injury registration and prevention. 1999 – 2000 : Co-founder of the Antwerp Top sports school – sports medicine Department, Antwerp – Belgium. 1995 – 2004 : Sports physiotherapist for Belgium’s national basketball team (Belgian Lions). 1994 – 2008 : Sports physiotherapist at the Flemish Tennis School VTV training centre in Wilrijk – Belgium, heading up the ‘Injury Prevention & Rehab Department’.  Players participated in this program: Xavier Malisse, Sabine Appelmans, Kim Clijsters, ….
Teacher in sports physiotherapy – Current:
Training supervisor for the ‘Sports physiotherapy’ department at the KUL University,  Leuven – Belgium.
Teacher in sports physiotherapy – History:
Training supervisor for the ‘Motor rehabilitation and physiotherapy’ department at the VUB University, Brussels – Belgium. Training supervisor and freelance professor to the recently founded ‘Orthopaedic rehabilitation’ department (including sports rehabilitation) at the UG University, Ghent – Belgium. Teacher to the ‘Sports physiotherapy and sports medicine’ students of the IRSK professional association for physiotherapists and other healthcare workers – case reports. Teacher of the topic ‘sport injury prevention’ to the master students of the University College Physiotherapy, Landquart, Switzerland.


Lawn Tennis Association International Conference, Gloucester Londen, UK, June 2004

International Conference on Medicine and Science in Tennis, Indian Wells Ca, USA, March 2005

World Conference on Sports Injury Prevention, Oslo Norway, June 2005

International Conference on Movement Dysfuctions, Edinburgh UK, October 2009

Current Concepts in Joint Replacement, Orlando FL USA, December 2009

Participated in many additional international conferences.

Invited speaker (scientific meetings)

2016 : 14th International Scientific Conference, Podgorica, Montenegro.

2015 : National Sports Conference, Muscat, Oman

2014 : International Scientific Conference „Enhancing muscle capacities: strength, power, velocity“. INSEP, Paris, France.

2013 : International Scientific Conference “Effects of physical exercise on antropological status of children and adults”, Belgrade, Serbia.

2012 : 4th International Scientific Conference “Contemporary Kinesiology”. Split, Croatia.

2011 : FIVB Volleyball Medicine Congress, Bled, Slovenia.

2009 : 3rd International Symposium of New Technologies in Sport. Sarajevo, BIH.

2010 : 15th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science. Antalya, Turkey.

2007 : 2nd International Symposium of New Technologies in Sport. Sarajevo, BIH.

2007 : 2nd International Scientific Conference “Contemporary Kinesiology”. Mostar, BIH.

2008 : 3rd International Scientific Conference “Contemporary Kinesiology”. Mostar, BIH.

2007 : BIOMS, Delaware University, USA.

2006 : International Scientific Conference „Analytics and Diagnostics of Physical Activity“ Belgrade, Serbia