Dennis van Poppel

Sports Physical Therapist

Dennis van Poppel qualified as a movement scientist from University of Maastricht in 2003, manual therapist at SOMT (2007) and physical therapist from Avans University of physiotherapy in 2001. Educated as Sports Physical Therapist from NPI Papendal Arnhem.

After several years work in various sports Dennis became physical therapist of the Dutch National Canoe team. He specialized himself in diagnostics and rehabilitation of sports injuries, knee- and shoulder rehabilitation. Dennis combines his job as rehabilitation trainer with a PhD position (thesis about running related injuries), research position and teacher at the Avans University and Progress Educations. He is co-owner of one of the largest rehabilitation centers in the south of the Netherlands called PECE zorg.


1991 – 1997 : Atheneum; Augustinianum, Eindhoven

1997 – 2001 : Physical Therapy; University Brabant, Breda. Thesis: “ACL reconstruction, reinnervation and revascularization”

2001 – 2003 : Sports Physical Therapy; International Academie of Sports Science (IAS), Gennep.

2001 – 2003 : Movement Sciences; Maastricht University. Thesis: “A new walking program for claudicants”

2007 : Manual Therapy: SOMT Amersfoort

2007 – 2008 : Pedagogic and Educational skill; PDV education.

2009 – 2010 : Upgrade Sports Physical Therapy

23-26 March 2015 : HUG Cressy Santé Swiss Olympic Medical Center Geneva Switzerland (Suzanne Gard)

1-3 March 2015 : Shoulder Unit Royal National Orthopedic Hospital London (Anju Jaggi en Andre Le Leu)

Courses / symposia

Eindhoven: 28-29 november 2015, VSG-congres

Milan: 16-19 september 2015, Secec/EUSSER-congres

Ermelo: 28-29 november 2014, VSG-congres

Istanbul: 18-20 september 2014, SECEC/EUSSER

Manchester: 2-3 oktober 2013, Masterclass Scapula (B. Kibler, T. Uhl)

Gent: 29 maart 2013, Rehabilitation in overhead Athletes, EUSSER

London: 6 oktober 2012, The rotator cuff chalenge, EUSSER

Brussels: 20 september 2012, low back pain, ECT

Epidemiologic research 2011: Rolduc Kerkrade by EPIDM.

Kinetic Control 2009

Maastricht: “Physiotherapy on the move” at MECC Maastricht December 2003.

Invited Speaker

8 november 2014: Royal National Athletic Union, runners congress

15 november 2013: running injuries KNGF congress

28 februari 2013: TSA/RTSA symposium Viasana

29 november 2012: VSG congress Ermelo

2 april 2012: symposium shoulder evidence or practice, Avans University Breda

1 maart 2012: symposium TSA, Amphia Ziekenhuis Breda

12 november 2011: Royal National Athletic Union, runners congress


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  • Several publications in papers and magazines like runnersplaza


  • 2013-2015 Dutch National Sports Physical Therapist

    2011 Price for best poster (running related injuries) on MECC congress


2015 – today: Co-founder of PECE care, PECE health and Knee rehabilitation Center.,

2014 – today: Founder of Shoulder Rehabilitation Center Eindhoven.

2009 – today:  PhD trajec; Risk factors for running related injuries.

2008 – today: Teacher master Sports Physical Therapy Avans+ and NPI, masterclass 4.

2007 – today: Founder of Progress Educations. Development and teaching  of courses and modules for  physical therapists, manual therapists and sports physical therapists.

2006 – today:  Teacher Physical Therapy, Avans University Breda

2006 – today: Physical therapist of Dutch National Canoe team

2003 – 2014: Manual therapist, Sports physical therapist and movement scientist at Fysiotherapie Gestel Eindhoven.


2013 – today: Founder of combined consultations for shoulder patients in hospital (MMC) to improve quality of healthcare.

2013 – today: Member focusgroup NPI/TNO development new ACL rehab protocol

2011 – today:  Member EUSSER and SSNB

2007 – today: Member Olympisch Network Brabant

2006 – 2012:   Member shoulder rehabgroup Eindhoven


Sports Physical Therapy
Prevention and Treatment of sports related injuries. Performance training and rehabilitation of several National and International athletes.

Shoulder and Knee diagnostics & rehabilitation; tennis, judo, handball, soccer, canoe, running rehabilitation