Recovery Specialist – Exercise- and Thermophysiologist

Ivo JH Tiemessen serves as a certified exercise- and thermophysiologist in his private company Mobilito Sport, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (January 2010). His interest in cooling and heating as a recovery and therapeutic modality originated in 2008 when, cold and heat became a hot research topic and started to become implemented in sports practice.

In his works he focusses on performance recovery regimes and its (thermo)physiology, the clinical effects described in the literature and the integration of this knowledge into concepts that can help (sports)practice. He is an experienced researcher in applied research, worked with different (elite) sports professionals, presented at several conferences and tutors at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam and the HAN Arnhem.

Together with his colleagues, Ivo founded two new organizations called ProCcare (January 2015) and PolarFitCare (May 2016) to further develop their method (patent pending). Both organizations aim to provide customized care for their athletes and patients in relation to rehabilitation and performance recovery. ProCcare by focusing on local cooling / heating and water immersion and PolarFitCare by focusing on whole body cryotherapy.


1997 – 2002 : Human Movement Science, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Master: Exercise Physiology (University of California San Diego, USA).

2002- 2003: Physiotherapy, propaedeutic diploma, Utrecht, the Netherlands

2003 – 2008: PhD, Human Movement Science. Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2013 – 2014: Master in coaching, Cruyff University Amsterdam

Employment history

Sept 2001 – Sept 2008: Tenniscoach Simon tennis school, ‚s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

Sept 2008- Sept 2010: TNO, National organisation for applied scientific Research, Soesterberg, the Netherlands.

Sept 2010- ongoing: Mobilito Sport, Amsterdam the Netherlands. Developing and implementing recovery regimes which find their application in elite sports and work as a performance trainer with professional tennis players

January 2015- ongoing: ProCcare, Zoersel, Belgium. Company that aims to improve injury rehabilitation, speed up performance recovery and optimized general care by customizing the use of cold, heat and compression. ProCcare has two products: software applications and accredited educational programs

May 2016 – ongoing: PolarFitCare, Brussels Belgium. Joint development between ProCcare and Airproducts & Chemicals inc. that developed a customized whole body cryotherapy solution for sports-, rehab-, vitality-and beauty care.


Mobilito Sports (2015) : Action type profiling: a practical approach

TNO (2008-2010): Talent development program: Feedback: to give and take, caretaking of customer and Personal Efficacy

University of Amsterdam (2003-2008): Scientific writing in English for publication, writing to be read, Advanced Biostatistics, Practical Biostatistics, Clinical data management, Evidenced based medicine: Critical Appraisal, Pub med, Reference manager, Epidemiology

Faculty of Human Movement Science (1997-2002): Presenting scientific evidence and Group management

Own accredited educational programs

EBP program on acute muscle injuries : -BOC approved provider for athletic trainers. -KNGF, the Netherlands

3 approved provider courses on rehabilitation : -BOC approved provider for athletic trainers. -KNGF, the Netherlands

3 approved provider courses on performance recovery : -BOC approved provider for athletic trainers. -KNGF, the Netherlands


London, UK 2016: FIFA Football medicine Strategies

Amersfoort, the Netherlands 2016: Symposium start of Giro D’Italia 2016

Antwerp, Belgium 2016: SKA

Baltimore, USA 2010: American College of Sport Medicine, ACSM

Chicago, USA 2008: American conference on human vibration

Loughborough, UK, 2008: British Association of sport and exercise Medicine, Key note: playing surface and the relation with tennis injuries

Boston, USA 2007: Prevention of musculoskeletal complaints, Premus

Maastricht, Nederland 2006: Ergonomics

Own publications

9 international publications in peer reviewed journals as main author

3 international publications in peer reviewed journals as co-author

5 national publications