ISPRI is an organization, founded in 2014 by colleagues Koen Marx, Etienne Verstegen, Ivo Tiemessen and myself. It represents an international group of performance trainers, sport exercise scientists, strength and conditioning coaches, sport physical therapists and recovery specialists, working with elite level sport teams and athletes around the world.

The members of the ISPRI group are regarded as key opinion leaders in their profession based on their many years of experience. They work in their own training centers and/or private practices and are travelling world-wide building and maintaining strong relations with sports clubs, federations and educational organizations.

Their expertise is covering all aspects of performance training, rehabilitation, performance recovery and youth development, with a primary focus on musculoskeletal injury prevention based upon the well-known kinetic chain principles. Utilizing the ISPRI methodology and principles, ISPRI pays special attention to the talented youth athlete; by creating an optimal platform to fulfill their potential.

All colleagues share a huge passion for their profession on a daily basis and aim to cover all sports and disciplines without exception.

ISPRI continuously searches for an optimal balance to carry out the values of ‘Evidence Based Practice’; ‘the integration of clinical expertise combined with the best available research in favor of the athlete’s values and expectations.

Pat Viroux
Senior Sport Physical Therapist
President and Co-Founder ISPRI

Mission Statement

Sharing experience and knowledge of field experts working with elite level athletes in different sports. Trying to find the balance between performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation in sports.

Our methodology

The ISPRI methodology is based upon the current concepts used by field experts working with elite level athletes in different sports. Providing comprehensive integrated performance, rehabilitation and injury prevention programs that incorporate all components of athletic skills development form the basis of our ISPRI  methodology. Our mission: to increase athletes’ flexibility, strength, speed, stability, stamina and fundamental movement patterns. Reducing the risk of getting injured by learning correct movement patterns and techniques